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Urethane Flooring Adhesive

       Carmen’s One™, Urethane professional-grade flooring adhesive for all known glue-down applications, flooring types and substrates. It is made by flooring professionals for flooring professionals. There is actually a Carmen behind Carmen’s One™ since 2010, it has been the go-to product for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial flooring projects. It has been used in the office towers that fill the Chicago Skyline; Trump Tower; famous mansions, suburban homes, hospitals, schools, malls, sports facilities, factories etc. It is part of so many success stories. Here’s how it can be part of yours: Save money. Save Time. One product to order. One product to stock. One product for every situation. One less thing to worry about. Protect your profit with the simplicity & proven effectiveness of Carmen’s One™

When it comes to hardwood floors,it is always a huge project rather its for the flooring installer or a home owner. However, the most common issue that tends to arise here is choosing the right glue for the job. This is what we are here for today, to help you find the best glue for hardwood floors. Something you might be wondering is what the best type of glue for hardwood floors is. The answer would be that urethane glue is best for hardwood floors. Carmen's One  come to rescue. 

Here are just 10 easy-to-understand benefits.

1. Reduce costly unproductive time - Arrive ready to work. Ready for the unexpected. 2. Reduce installation time and complexity - Meet your deadlines and avoid fines.

 3. Reduce clean-up labor costs - Easy-to-clean formula is an “installer’s dream”.

4. Reduce “oh $@%” moments - no more applying the wrong adhesive to the wrong product. No more bringing the wrong product to the job site.

5. Reduce admin and inventory costs - One adhesive to order and stock. No more partially-used specialty products.

6. Reduce complexity of project planning and pricing - one adhesive for the whole job - big or small.

 7. Reduce training time and customer complaints - One easy-to-use adhesive with No Hollow-Spot™ technology and excellent ridge retention.

8. Reduce demolition costs: bonds to standard substrates and problematic ones like tile.

9. Reduce “losing” your adhesive on busy job sites - Carmen’s One™ is in bright pink bucket!

10. Reduce your doubt - you’ve got this!! There is actually a Carmen - a caring, wonderful lady - behind Carmen’s One™. She takes great care of her family, employees and clients. She hopes Carmen’s One™ helps you do the same.